Feenstra and Hanson (1997), for example, describe that Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) increases the relative demand for skilled labor and the skill premium due to capital-skill-complementarities in the 4developing world.


Feenstra, R.C., Hanson, G.H., 1996. Foreign investment, outsourcing and relative wages. In: Feenstra, R.C., Grossman,G.M., Irwin, D.A. (Eds.),The Political 

Stallbacken 17 E, 429 43 Särö. Hemadress. Recommended Authors. Mary Lacity; 245 Publications • 11,833 Citations · G. Hanson; 177 Publications • 21,877 Citations · R. Feenstra; 261 Publications  av AK Stadin · 2017 — samman med globalisering och teknologisk utveckling (Acemoglu 2002; Wood 1994; Feenstra och Hanson 2003), men även med arbetsorganisatoriska  and Evidence - Second Edition, Edition 2 [PDF/EPub] by Robert C. Feenstra First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won [PDF/EPub] by Victor Davis Hanson.

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As further evidence of a rising wage differential, Feliciano (1993) and Cragg and Epelbaum (1996) 1For formal surveys of the literature on trade and wages, see Feenstra & Hanson (2003) and Harrison et al. (2011). In developing economies, the labor-market impacts of globalization have been more diffuse (Goldberg & Pavcnik 2007). 206 Autor · Dorn · Hanson Annu. Rev. Econ. 2016.8:205-240. Robert C. Feenstra University of California, Davis, and NBER Gordon H. Hanson University of California, San Diego, and NBER This draft: August 13, 2006 Abstract: While outsourcing of production from the U.S. to Mexico has been hailed in Mexico as a valuable Robert Feenstra One of the most widely discussed public-policy issues in the U.S. and many other industrial countries is the decline in the wages of un- skilled workers during the 1980s and 1990s, both in real terms and relative to the wages of white-collar workers.

2.3 Characteristics of outsourcing to Eastern Europe and model assumptions 2.4 New trade models focusing on outsourcing 2.4.1 Feenstra and Hanson (1997)

165 Ekholm & Hakkala (2005) är ett exempel på en sådan  Duijts L, Eng C, Eriksson JG, Farrall M, Fedorova Y, Feenstra B, Ferreira MA, Lopez-Pousa S, Martinez-Lage P, Mataro M, Borjesson-Hanson A, Englund E,  Hanson RL, Imperatore G, Howard BV,. Nelson RG, et al. Plasma lipoproteins de Wit GA, Limburg W, Feenstra TL. Cost effectiveness of preventive interven-. globalisering (Wood 1994, Feenstra och Hanson 2003) som tänkbara. orsaker.

Feenstra, R.C. och Hanson, G.H. (1999) ”The Impact Of Out- sourcing And High-Technology Capital On Wages: Estima- tes For The United 

Feenstra and hanson

DOI 10.3386/w5121. Issue Date May 1995. In this paper we examine the reduction in the relative employment and wages of unskilled workers in the U.S. during the 1980's. We argue that a contributing factor to this decline was rising imports reflecting the outsourcing of production activities.

1 May 2005 Robert C. Feenstra, Gordon H. Hanson Corresponding author: Gordon H. Hanson, Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific  Feenstra, R.C., Hanson, G.H., 1996. Foreign investment, outsourcing and relative wages. In: Feenstra, R.C., Grossman,G.M., Irwin, D.A. (Eds.),The Political  driven FDI model championed by Feenstra and Hanson (1997).
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Feenstra and hanson

27/11 -15 - 29/11-15.

Robert C. Feenstra & Gordon H. Hanson. Working Paper 5121.
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28 Apr 2016 two decades.2 The seminal paper by Feenstra and Hanson (1996a) shows that offshoring from the. North to the South can increase skill 

Underlag från intervjuer. Skriftligt beslutsmaterial. utvecklingen haft större betydelse (Katz och Autor, 1999; Feenstra och Hansson, 1999).