Such examples suggest that it is difficult for a sentence to present more (iii) the main verb expresses an action, taking agent subjects and patient objects.


What does agentic mean? Social cognition theory perspective in which people are producers as well as products of social systems. (adjective)

or agent responsible for the action expressed by the verb: Bill has Here's another example from Williams (in addition to the nominalization, there are obviously. 28 Dec 2016 In contrast, examples like kick the bucket are. 'fixed-object' idioms. This terminology will be extended to subjects, and also agents, etc., in the  playa role in the interpretation of sentences. For example, the lexical form for kick In (1) tells us that the subject of the verb kIck is to be intftrpreted as its agent  The first definition of agentive in the dictionary is denoting a case of nouns, etc, indicating the agent described by the verb.

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For example, in the intransitive sentence “He ran,” He is the intransitive  Conclusions, based on the findings from the sample pre Verb classes in agentive clauses The sample was then cut to a list of sixty-one verbs, investigated  When the verb is in the active form, the subject of the sentence is the "do-er" or agent—who or what—that causes the action. Subject, Verb (ACTIVE), Object. ( noun)  When the subject of the passive clause is not the real agent of the verb, we use other prepositions in passive structures: I'd been decorating the bedroom and I was  Examples for the by-agent. We are normally not interested in the ›doer‹ of an action in a passive sentence. When we want to mention the ›doer‹, we use the  30 Oct 2016 Thus, these examples clearly demonstrate that the ambiguity is not illusionary and that the subject can have a reading significantly distinct from  Read, for example, obeys a rule restricting its use to animate subjects: to say the latter and partly because sentences with agentive subjects are generally  An agent is usually the grammatical subject of the verb in an active clause. A prototypical agent is conscious, acts with volition (on purpose), and performs an  3 Aug 2018 In English grammar, the agent is the noun phrase or pronoun that identifies the person or thing which performs an action in a sentence. namely experiencer subject (ES) verbs, labile [±agentive] experiencer object 2 The following abbreviations are used in the glosses of the examples: ACC  The agent is the person or thing that performs the action and is the subject of the active sentence.

2 dagar sedan · agentive in British English. (ˈeɪdʒəntɪv ), agential (eɪˈdʒɛnʃəl ) or agentival (ˈeɪdʒənˌtaɪvəl) grammar. adjective. 1. (in some inflected languages) denoting a case of nouns, etc, indicating the agent described by the verb. 2. (of a speech element) indicating agency. '-er' in 'worker' is an agentive suffix. noun.

For example, "driver" is an agent noun formed from the verb "drive". [2] Usually, derived in the above definition has the strict sense attached to it in morphology , that is the derivation takes as an input a lexeme (an abstract unit of morphological analysis) and produces a new lexeme. Subjects and Objects (Download this explanation in PDF here.) Subjects In grammar, we use the word 'subject' to talk about the pronoun, noun or noun phrase that does the action of verb.

patient acts as subject as in passive voice for example,. It broke. 2) The non- agent promotion domain is the construction that agent is not promoted, but other  

Agentive subject examples

component of progressive patterns, for example, in the Iranian language Tajiki, 3 An agent is understood as typically human and volitional subject carrying out  av S Cinková · Citerat av 7 — ples of negation of the core meaning and examples of addition of further When the structure be going to is used with an agentive subject,  av EWA DATA-BUKOWSKA · Citerat av 1 — the function of the subject or object in a number of different constructions. How- ever, in 1 Examples presented in this article mostly come from Teleman et al.

(So, non-topic objects are exclusively accusative, but as topics they can also marking could be less detailed follows from the example of Chinese, that sources can be either motile or sessile and agentive sources (like sa)  In the sentence in (1) the two women are agentive in the struggle between them. Example (5) also contains the element Theme, but unlike in (4) no act of  "Who's watching" is agentive/unergative, You can think of it having an implied or it can be a particle verb which means to spectate/observe, i.e. look them if any of you could explain and give examples it would be amazing! One example is the verb kwaa 'know', which can be distinguished from kwa 'bind, tighten', so that we have sar, (-par), -yar, N.AG, agentive nominalizer. The subjects considered include the evolution of ideas concerning deep structure and semantic and grammatical relations, and arguments for the maintenance  For the VAKKI symposium, specific examples will be chosen from the project Speech Act Theory was chosen as one of the most difficult subject for them to The representations of these agentive women in popular narrative  av K Thyberg — much higher degree – yet without expressing the agent role. Furthermore, the Verb och attribut i attributiva processer i MED-konstruktioner . .
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Agentive subject examples

The role of agentive is as a subject.

*gasp* The Tyranny of the Light Bulb ‘An agentive individual looks in two directions: to past actions and the responsibility for the actions, and to the future, toward the potential.’ ‘Working like this is a shift in direction, cultivating agentive children instead of subservient ones. THE SINGPHO AGENTIVE – FUNCTIONS AND MEANINGS* Stephen Morey (or subject) in a transitive clause. This marker is variously referred to as agent or agentive agent marked by the agentive i and the patient by the anti-agentive phe. This example is from the Turung variety:3 About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators For example, an auctioner, who sells the goods of another may maintain an action for the price, because he has a possession coupled with an interest in the goods, and it is a general rule, that whenever an agent, though known as such, has a special property in the subject-matter of the contract, and not a bare custody, or when he has acquired an interest, or has a lien upon it, he may sue upon 2.
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Try these links to search for examples with "agentive" Tanaka Corpus + Additions by & perhaps are using more recent data

the latest examples can be found in the comprehensive volume Immigrant and ten straightforward: certain real or imagined characteristics of the subject are Around these common goals, agentive and situated language learning takes  av C Wikström-Grotell — rather than on giving examples of good practice. aspects of place that concern conditions for action and how the agentive role of individuals is related to To become a subject is a deeply personal and intersubjective process throughout our. av Y Arcada · 2015 — varit en auktoritativ expert till en kunskaps agent bland många andra (jfr Flyvbjerg 2004,. 300). 2015, The Evolving Definition of Practice Research. the subject to handle the struggle within the 'I', the eternal competition between Eros.